Hooray for weddings!

(Specifically yours)

When it comes to your wedding day, I believe you've got the freedom to forego wedding parties and standard traditional portraits if you want. You've got permission to forget about what the wedding blogs insist you must do - do you really care about sourcing ribbon in the perfect shade of blush? Or would you rather spend an evening spray painting plastic dinosaurs to chill next to each place setting for a little pop of whimsy? If you're anything like me and fancy a little elegance with a large slice of quirky, you could even do both.

The 'doing both' is what sets people like you and I apart from the rest. We enjoy pretty dresses and suits just as much as we enjoy wearing socks with gnomes on them. We also know that it's possible to have a wedding that's totally personalized, while still bringing the pretty and the fun.

So relax, friends. You're in the right place. Now scroll down and let's get started!

My take on wedding photography is the same as my take on life: be yourself + have fun

Over the next 4-6 weeks, I'll be editing your photos. Once complete, they'll be uploaded to your personal online gallery. Use the PIN code in the gallery email and download all of your photos as a ZIP file. Share with family and friends, start favoriting images for your album, or order prints right from your personal storefront.

After 4-6 weeks of culling and editing, I'll deliver your images in an online gallery.

Enjoy your gallery




The main event! A month ahead of time, you'll have filled out another questionnaire for me - this time, with all the details about your wedding day. I'll find out from you what the most important parts of the day are to you, photography-wise.

I'll use the information to craft together a photography timeline which you can share with anyone involved in the wedding.

On the day of, we'll all be on the same page as we celebrate the love that's brought you and your partner together. Remember to breathe, relax, and enjoy yourself!

We'll work together to plan the photo session of your imagination, whether it's fun, romantic, or adventurous.

Get married!


Time for your couples session!
I encourage couples to think outside the box. Imagine the freedom of doing something you love with your partner, and receiving candid photos of it. Doesn't that sound more special and unique?

I'll send out a questionnaire ahead of time prompting you to think about your favorite places, activities, and more. Together, we'll create the couples photo session of your imagination.

The main event!

Couples photo session



Sign your agreement and pay your 30% retainer to reserve your wedding date. Then stay tuned for monthly wedding planning emails to start rolling in!

Planning your wedding is going to be crazy stressful. I've been there!

I'm going to help you along the way - after all, this isn't my first rodeo. I've got tons advice to share!

You'll start receiving e-mails from me detailing all of the things you might not have thought of. From what details, colors, and decorations photograph best, to how to maintain your sanity when everyone runs late, you'll go into your wedding fully prepared.

Make it official



We'll chat about your wedding plans and get to know each other over coffee, tea, bourbon, nuggets... whatever you want.

Let's meet or Skype

It's so important to make sure that photographer + couple vibe with one another, and the best way to do that is to meet in person over coffee... or something stronger. 

Drinks are on me, and we'll get to know each other while chatting about your wedding plans and my photography coverage. Come with any questions you can think of, and I'll be ready with the answers.



The Wedding Photography Experience

A step-by-step walkthrough of the entire process, start to finish!

Click a question to see its answer!

Is your question not answered here? Send me an email!

It's best that you do not. It isn't that I think "to hell with your shot list!" - but rather that I find them limiting and distracting to the day that's unfolding in realtime.

The photos you're listing or pinning are moments that happened organically for someone else. By trying to copy them, you're limiting your own genuine moments from developing naturally. 

As for the basic list of must-have shots: mom zipping bride's dress; first kiss; first dance - rest assured that they're our must-have shots also.

Approximately 80-100 per hour of coverage. This will vary between weddings due to family size, bridal party size, details, and your own photographic preferences.

I am based in Loudoun County, Virginia. Weddings taking place within an hour and a half of my home (this includes DC!) do not incur any additional travel fees.

My second shooter/brother (and the rest of my family) live in south Jersey, just outside of Philadelphia. Because of this, south Jersey and Philadelphia weddings also do not require travel fees. Hurrah for couch surfing with mom and dad!

Weddings 1.5 hr - 4 hours are drivable but require a hotel stay, and weddings over a 4 hour drive will require flights and hotels. You can learn more about the specifics when you contact me.

Traveling for weddings is an incredible opportunity, but destination work also requires quite a bit of extra time and expenses on my end. I've opted for flat-rate travel zones to make things easier on you as you try to navigate the booking process. All rates include fees associated with my travel, e.g. gas, flights, transportation, meals, accommodations, and incidentals. There's no additional work to be done on your end to have me photograph your wedding in your chosen destination, as I'll be handling all of the logistics!

Learn more about destination weddings here.

I do not offer discounts on wedding collections. From time to time, I may send out an email to current/past wedding clients with a sale on prints or albums, but they're completely random.

While to an outsider it may look as though being a photographer is as simple as buying a camera and a few lenses, there are a lot of expenses to running and maintaining a photography business. I won't get into the details, but rest assured that my pricing is meticulously calculated. A wedding guest may see us work for 8 hours, but in reality the hours put into a single wedding are well into the double digits.

small ceremonies
+ vow renewals

Intimate Celebrations

brides. grooms. dearly beloved.


Just the two of you


Wedding Collections



Intimate Celebrations

From the traditional church ceremony, to the not-so-traditional backyard fête, we cover your wedding for at least 8 hours.

The Wedding

Two photographers
Eight hours of continuous coverage
Your high-res images in an online gallery
Personal storefront for purchasing prints

+ A complimentary couples photo session




Intimate Celebrations

Intimate ceremonies range from 20 guest weddings to small vow renewals with your closest family and friends.

The Intimate Celebration

one photographer
four hours of continuous coverage
Your high-res images in an online gallery
Personal storefront for purchasing prints
+ your choice of:

couples photo session
or a 10x10" linen wedding album



Intimate Celebrations


Whether it's a courthouse ceremony or a secret exchanging of the vows in a forest, your elopement will be filled with personal moments that deserve to be photographed.

The Elopement

one photographer
two hours of continuous coverage
Your high-res images in an online gallery
Personal storefront for purchasing prints


Collection Extras

I've come to realize after years of shooting weddings, that many couples come to me with a specific budget which doesn't always allow for albums, prints, or additional hours to be added on from the start.

To keep it ridiculously simple, all collections are based around coverage hours. This leaves couples with the option to customize their collection as they wish - additional hours, albums, even additional photo sessions can be added a la carte. All prints can be ordered after the wedding right from the gallery storefront.

Looking for additional coverage hours? Add them at booking or the day of your wedding!

Let's DO THIS!

So what do you say?

After you fill out this form, I'll send over a proposal and agreement - your date will be officially booked upon returning your signed agreement with a 30% non-refundable retainer. SCORE!

Need to email me directly? Go for it: contact@loveknotphoto.com

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